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    This is a place where my staff and I can share stories and news about our clients - enjoy!

We have received great responses regarding our 2010 Christmas donation to Heifer International, a non-profit dedicated to ending world hunger.  As one client told us, "our pets don't need anymore toys, it is great to feel that we have helped the poor and hungry".  All The Pet Nannies agreed!

An exciting update to begin 2011.  Late last year, I saw a thin black cat in need.  I recognized the cat as being feral, and began to feed her.  About a month later four small kittens showed up - big surprise!  So I started to feed them all three times a day to get more weight on them.  While the kittens were still feral, it was very clear they craved the attention and the food.  I knew they could not survive the cold rainy winter so I called Sandy, a longtime client and friend who does volunteer work for The Feral Cat Foundation.  Sandy knew what to do: she brought out two traps and we managed to safely (and humanely) trap the entire litter along with Mom.  So I then had four kittens and their Mom in my care.  Another friend, Lisa, owns Alamo Pet Store.  Lisa stepped up and took the kittens, socialized them, had them spayed and adopted them out to their forever homes - which didn't take long at all.  All the kittens were quickly adopted.  Good news!  Mom is still living with me and while she's been spayed, her socialization is taking a little longer than we expected.  If I could find a good feral colony in the area to release her to it would be great, but if not I will release her back to where I found her.  I will keep a home for her on my patio that is warm, dry, cozy with food and water so she can come and go as she wants.  It has been an exciting and emotional experience for me and is another reminder that it does take a village to save abandoned animals.  My network of friends, clients and affiliates all stepped up to deliver a positive outcome in this situation.  For that I am grateful.  - Marlene, owner and operator.

Trinity is one of our favorite labs.  She has had several litters and all the pups are born at Service Dogs for the Blind. For a long time we could not have pictures of the pups, but this time we got to have a few pictures and here they are!  It is a great organization and Trinity is home again and we walk her 3-4 times a week.  We hear the pups are very sweet.  Mom looks happy and so are we.  - From The Pet Nannies!

Sassy our sweet Dublin beagle got to go back East to pick out her new playmate, Raisen, and boy how cute. Terry who is lucky enough to walk all these dogs tells me Raisen is very cute and Sassy is teaching her all her tricks. - From The Pet Nannies!

Bacci, a German Shepherd, loves his mid-day dog walks in downtown Danville.  Russ, the mailman, always has dog treats and Bacci now walks up to every mail truck looking for a handout.    He is always disappointed when Russ is not working.  After the heat, he loves going home to his two cats, Olive and Topaz.  They all play together and Bacci lets them bat at his tail. - From The Pet Nannies!

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